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What Sets Us Apart / how does our gym stack up?

We believe that through exercise your day is brighter, more productive and healthy. This is not just for you but for your family, your loved ones, your colleagues and friends. They need you even more.

So let's do this. Join June 1st or June 2nd for only $100 and receive your enrollment, June dues, July dues AND August dues! Save up to $253 -- see our TV spot below

To us, working out and leading a healthy lifestyle simply gives our body and mind the best chance to continue the activities we cherish in our own life, no matter our age. That's what we're here for: more birthdays, more picking up your kids/grandkids  active through your 80s, more travel, more learning, and more time spent with your loved ones. We truly care about you and your well-being, in: body, mind and spirit. View our amenities here! 

Unlike many facilities, all our fitness specialists have bachelor degrees in the health and fitness field. They are all very well-trained to serve the physical needs of our members, and many of our fitness specialists also provide personal training to help you meet your fitness goals. We're a 82,000-square-foot facility, with more than 75 group fitness classes (yoga, pilates, step, kickboxing, cardio, Spinning, athletic cross-training, aquatics and many more), indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor tracks, indoor basketball gym, tennis courts, racquetball and squash courts, The Meridian Day Spa, full-day kids' camps, sports tournaments, free child care, towel service, sauna, steam room and whirlpool, showers, locker room and much more.

Working out takes real work and effort; it's not always easy, but we're here for you. We give members the best amenities, trained fitness staff, state-of-the-art equipment, attentive customer service and unmatched facilities here at HWC to try and make your time here well spent and very enjoyable. We welcome you to the country club of fitness. We can't wait to see you.

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This may be the best thing you'll read all day. We don't care how much you weigh. We really don't. Our trainers understand that each person has their own body type, and there are many more areas we like to look at than just putting you on a scale. So when you become a HWC member, you'll receive a one-on-one orientation to our state-of-the-art facility and equipment areas and are provided an individual fitness evaluation by one of our fitness specialists on our InBody Assessment Machine. Within minutes we'll tell you things like your metabolism rates, fat and muscle make-up in each limb/trunk/torso, where we can make the most improvement in your overall health and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

We're all here for you. We're here to help you, become a better you. Mind, body and spirit. Really. 

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Membership Pricing

General Enrollment Fee
All new members are assessed a one-time enrollment fee*. So long as you stay an active member, you will not have to pay it again.
    Single Membership                                 $200             
    First Active Add-On                               $100             
    Second Active Add-On                           $50             
    Each Additional Active Add-On              $0             
General Monthly Fees
    Single Membership varies by commitment term
    12 month commitment $51 per month
    6 month commitment $65 per month
    Month-to-Month $75 per month
    First Active Add-On                           $31             
    Each Additional Active Add-On          $20             
    Senior Membership                             $41             
    Senior Family Additional Member        $20             
    Student Membership                    $41             

PREMIER  The Club, Within a Club

The Premier Membership offers much more than a General Membership. In addition to access to the entire 82,000-square-foot facility, more than 75 group fitness classes, indoor and outdoor pools and tracks, indoor basketball gym, Premier members receive exclusive perks such as small group training classes: Torque Circuit Training, Reformer Pilates classes, TRX training, and now for the first time, a personal overnight locker. The locker will be yours and only yours. Lockers are first come, first serve so choose yours today. Track your progress and all your workouts with a free MYZONE belt and free MYZONE membership.

NOW, each individual Premier Membership (or one Premier family membership) automatically comes with a Meridian Day Spa Membership!! Receive a free spa service up to $80 each month, plus 15% off all additional services and 15% off all Caudlie skin care products. Premier, is the best fitness experience in Southeast Texas. Premier, is not just a membership, it is your elite pass to a fitness solution.

Ask about our Premier Prospect card, where you can try two: Torque, TRX and Reformer Pilates classes on us! Also, if you're Premier and you refer another Premier member, we'll give you a free month!

Premier at CHRISTUS HWC, is the best fitness experience in Southeast Texas. Premier, is not just a membership, it is your elite pass to a fitness solution. With small-group training, reformer pilates, TRX, personal locker, white towel service and more, it's the truly the club, within a club that is not to be missed.

Premier Membership Exclusive Benefits

  • Everything a General Membership Offers $51 value / month
  • Unlimited Scheduled Small Group Training  $1,400 value / month
  • Unlimited Scheduled Reformer Pilates Classes $420 / month
  • Unlimited Scheduled TRX Classes $30 /month
  • The Meridian Day Spa Membership (one per individual or family membership) 
    $59.50 value / month = Free Spa Service up to $80
  • Private locker (up to two for a family membership). Store your gear overnight. 
  • Premier-only, white towel service. An extra-large bath towel, upgraded with 100% ring spun cotton loops.
  • MYZONE Heart-monitor Belt & Membership $149.99 value
  • Expedited Orientation & InBody Assessment with Master Trainer  $20 value
  • Premier Gift Bag (Nike dri-fit shirt, Nike dri-fit hat, towel, sports bottle and duffel bag) $100 value

If you are family with a couple teenagers (9th grade+) in sports, then the Family Premier Membership is not pass up deal. Why? Because we're giving your two kids their own Premier Membership for FREE! Sign up all four members of your family for only the price of two Premier Memberships! Work out in Torque, TRX, and Pilates as a family. Visit our Membership or Customer Service offices today so you can learn more about the Premier Family package. 

Alpha Training Torque Built around full-body primal movements, this hardcore workout drives strength gains and develops skills in a heavy-hitting environment
Group Training Studio

Athletic Pilates Enhance strength and coordination with focus on developing a specific pose or principle each month. Pilates Studio

Classic Pilates Practice the classical exercises in a series designed to make you feel long and lean * Limited to 3 per class Pilates Studio

Combat Training Torque Hit the whole body with boxing and martial arts movements for explosiveness, strength, and self-confidence Group Training Studio

Core Conditioning Torque Plyometric drills mixed with intervals of strength, power, and resistance focused on core strength Group Training Studio

Functional TRX Incorporate bells, balls, bands, battle ropes, and more into your traditional TRX workout Gym

H.E.A.T. (High Energy Advanced Training) Combine high intensity interval training with muscle conditioning in the gym.

Joint Conditioning Torque Targets weak muscle groups for better balance and coordination; add in Boxercise intervals for increased intensity.
Group Training Studio

Pilates Improve strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and core stability through flow, precision and total body integration Pilates Studio

Rotational Pilates An excellent choice for those who enjoy running, golf, tennis, and cycling Pilates Studio

Torque Use innovative tools to develop strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness through a variety of drills and circuits Group Training Studio

Torque Cycle Boost your calorie burn by adding in intervals on the bike Group Training Studio

TRX A scalable, fast, fun, and effective total-body suspension workout Gym

**Consider form-fitting bottoms for Pilates**