After-School Activities Program

Imagine this, you pick up your kiddo from school, drop them off at HWC and you have a few hours to yourself to get some grocery shopping done, run some errands, and get dinner ready. When you pick her up, she’s been swimming, played some tennis, made art, engaged with other kids over circuit boards…and she got most of her homework done.

It’s a much better scenario than rushing around with your children to the bank, grocery store, pulling them away from the TV or games on the iPad, and pleading them to do homework while you try to get dinner ready. That’s where we come in!

ASAP (After-School Activities Program) here at CHRISTUS HWC will give you a little more time from 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM to get more done, with the assurance that your kids are safe, so you have more time with your family in the evening. And the best part? This will only run you $4 - $6 a DAY for each child!

Scroll down for pricing and sign up your kids today - open to the public, with an incredible discount for HWC members.


We are now accepting enrollment in our new After-School Activities Program (ASAP) here at CHRISTUS HWC. ASAP is designed to address multiple aspects of continued education based around the STEAM educational learning system. The STEAM learning system approaches practical science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics context to make a connection between school, community, and future interests for our kids. This after-school program will include enhancing creative think skills, developing social skills, imagination, physical activity, and a period to review homework!

Becoming an ASAP Member
Any youth between 5 years old (Kindergarten) to 12 years old (7th grade) grade are eligible to become a ASAP Member. Each ASAP Member will fill out an application and Fitness Screening Questionnaire prior to joining. Children under 7 years old will require a swim test. Upon acceptance, the ASAP member will receive a new membership card and have his/her picture taken for the personal account.

The ASAP Difference
The After-School Activities Program Members will be given limited access to the facility through participation in age-specific group fitness classes or extracurricular clubs. Each group fitness class is taught by a certified personal trainer or group fitness instructor to encourage proper technique and help with injury prevention.

Our after-school program serves youth ages 5 to 12 years old and encompass a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, youth development, arts, and sports and recreation. The activities in which youth engage while outside of school hours are critical to their development, highlighting the need for quality afterschool programs that the CHRISTUS HWC can provide.  Our high quality afterschool programs generate positive outcomes for youth including improved academic performance, classroom behavior, and health and nutrition.

ASAP Members will be divided into two groups, ages 7 to 10 and 11 to 13 to ensure that the teachings and activities are engaging and appealing to the participants.

What does the After-School Activities Program Include?

  • Five Days of Programs

    • Sports-Specific Movement Techniques

    • Cardiovascular & Body Weight Conditioning

    • Fun, Recreational Games

    • Swimming Club

    • Various ball sports

    • Problem Solving

  • Boys and girls locker rooms

  • Discounts on Kids' Camps, birthday rentals, future HWC membership and other programs

- Play -
- Have Fun -
- Build Confidence -
- Knock out homework -
- Learn Healthy Habits -
- Discover Hidden Talents -
- Develop Teamwork Skills -
- Build Positive Relationships -
- Understand Injury Prevention -

Extracurricular Clubs

Homework Help:
Homework help is an hour dedicated for students to complete homework and ask for help from coaches. Kids will be allowed to work on their own time.

Kids Fit Class:

The activity classes focus on fun 30-minute activities to keep kids active. These classes are not sport specific however; kids will enjoy the creative games while engaging in team bonding games. 

Problem Solving:

Problem solving activities will include mathematics, science and logical deductive skills such as cross word puzzles. These tools will enhance the process of finding solutions to difficult issues.  

Swim Club:

Swim Club is made for Kids Club Members who want to have fun learning stroke mechanics, life guarding skills, and overall improve their abilities in the water. We'll focus on: backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, crawl and beginner life-saving techniques. The club meets twice a week.

Teamwork Tuesdays:

Teamwork is the best way to build and keep relationships. Teamwork Tuesday will consist of fun teamwork projects as a rapport builder for all kids.  

Word Works Wednesday:

Word works Wednesday explores the ways words are used in everyday life such as writing, communication, and thinking. We will create poems, unscramble words, and play word search games.

Thinking Thursday:

Creative thinking expresses imagination, strength social skills, and thinking outside the box. Tools used for these activities will be story writing, reading time, and coloring and drawing artwork. 

Fine Arts Friday:

Fine art is a time to use our intellectual content by creating drawings and creating architecture. This is a fun way to work creatively in designing projects from scratch.   

After-School Activities Program Pricing

Member Rates
If one of the parents of the new ASAP Member is already a member of the CHRISTUS HWC (Health & Wellness Center), the ASAP Member will receive a discounted rate of:

$99 per month

ASAP cost can be added on to the parent's monthly membership dues or paid in semi-annual or annual payments. Each child that is a ASAP Member for at least six months before entering the 7th grade will have the enrollment fee waived for moving to an Add-On membership.

Non-Member Rates
For ASAP Members who do not have a parent that is already a CHRISTUS HWC member

$139 per month