Racquet Sports

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Welcome to racquet sports here at CHRISTUS Health & Wellness Center. No matter whether you already are a tennis or racquetball enthusiast, or have recently developed an interest, we have many great program offerings for all ages that will help satisfy your needs. We look forward to helping you have a great experience during your time on the courts. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of our programs; we’ll be glad to help answer any of them.

Tennis Program

Tennis Excellence Academy Program (ages 6-17)
Wanting to get your child involved in a structured, progression-based tennis program? Sign our child up today at the front desk and get them on the right road to becoming a top notch player. Each of our age group specific classes will utilize a variety of drills, games, and skills tests designed to help your child master all the shots needed to become an effective player. Through these classes your child will also learn about things such as tennis history, rules of the game, and various matchplay strategies through the playing of singles and doubles practice matches. These classes are also a great way to help get and keep your child physically fit. Minimum of four per group pre-registered to make. Each group class will be broken down as follows:
Tykes (ages 6-8)
Toros (ages 9-12)
Titans (ages 13-17)


Private Tennis Lessons (Adult & Youth)
Are you interested in taking up tennis, or having your child take up the sport? Or perhaps you just want to improve the skills you already have. If so, sign up today and get ready to see your game climb the charts. Sixty or ninety minute lessons are sold individually or in a pack of four. Thirty minute lessons are offered as well in packs of four.

Semi-Private Lessons (Adult & Youth)
Semi-private lessons offer a way to gather with friends when it's convenient for everyone to hone their skills in a group setting. Groups are limited to four participants and lessons are available in one or four blocks in sixty or ninety minute sessions.

Tennis & Racquetball League (Adult)
Looking to satisfy your competitive juices or perhaps just meet new friends who love tennis or racquetball? Look no further. Sign up for our seasonal leagues and get ready to get swingin'. Each player will be given a match schedule for each week put together by the sport's pro. Beginner, intermediate and advanced divisions will be offered. All leagues are considered "on your own time" leagues, which offer maximum flexibility to play matches when it's most convenient for both players. All matches will consist of playing a set number of total games. After playing the match, record how many games were won by each player at the front desk. Awards are given to the top two players in each division with the highest number of total games won. League play will run for approximately six to eight weeks per season. There is a minimum of four pre-registered players per division for the league to make.



Tennis Clinics (Adult, Coed)
Having issues being effective in your matches, or perhaps you're just getting back into the game after a layoff and are looking to brush up on your strokes and build your confidence before getting back into matchplay? Sign up for a seasonal clinic and get ready to see your game improve. Clinics will include discussions on ways to improve in different situations, practical drills and playing scenarios. There is a minimum of four pre-registered players per clinic to make.