Room A

Time         Monday              Tuesday               Wednesday              Thursday                    Friday
5:45 am     Muscle Mix                                                                                                           Muscle Mix
6:30 am                                Mindful Flow Yoga                                Mindful Flow Yoga
7:30 am                                                              Zumba Gold®
8:00 amZumba Gold®Zumba Fitness®
8:30 amStep ChallengeAthletic StepMuscle Conditioning
9:35 amMuscle Conditioning PlusTotal Body Blast PlusMuscle ConditioningChoreo Step
11:00 amKickboxingCore ValuesCore Values
12:00 pmTabataTriple ThreatBarre FitnessClassic Step
4:30 pmTotal Body BlastClassic Step
5:35 pmHIIT 60Zumba® Fitness and ToningAthletic Cross TrainingZumba® Fitness and Toning
6:40 pmBarre Fitness

Room B

5:45 amSpinning®Power AbsSpinning®
7:30 amCycle Blast
8:00 amYoga StretchYoga Stretch
8:30 amSpinning®Mat PilatesRestoreMat PilatesSpinning®Yoga
9:35 amMat PilatesCycle Blast20/20/20MYZONE Spin®
10:00 amFit Yoga
10:30 amFoam Roll
10:50 amCore ValuesBody FocusBody Focus
12:00 pmMat PilatesPower PilatesSurg
4:30 pmSurgSpinning®Spinning®Spin® Intervals
5:35 pmHatha YogaHatha YogaRestoreHatha Yoga
6:40 pmFit Yoga


Pool temperature is maintained between 82-84 degrees in order to meet safety standards.

7:00 amAqua Cardio CurvesAqua ResistanceAquatic C.S.I.Hydro StrengthAqua Fun Day
8:00 amAqua MotionWater WorksAqua DynamicsAqua 20/20/20Aqua Dynamics
5:35 pmAqua DynamicsHydro StrengthWater Works


5:35 pmHIIT 60HIIT 60