Youth Memberships

What is a Youth Add-On?

A Youth Add-On is a child currently in the seventh or eighth grade that is added to his/her parent's account.  A Youth Add-On can go on the fitness floor, to group fitness classes or in the indoor pool or gymnasium and racquetball courts, so long as he/she is accompanied by a parent at all times. The parent must be in the same area as the Youth Add-On. The Youth Add-On is not permitted in the locker rooms.

Once the Youth Add-On reaches the age of 15 or enters the ninth grade, he/she can use the facility on his/her own.

Becoming A Youth Member
Any youth second to sixth grade is eligible to become a Youth Member. Each Youth Member will fill out an application and Fitness Screening Questionnaire prior to joining. Upon acceptance, the Youth Member will receive a new membership card and have his/her picture taken for the personal account.

The Youth Member Difference
The Youth Membership is not a regular Wellness Center membership. Youth Memberswill be given limited access to the facility through participation in age-specific group fitness classes or extracuricular clubs. Each group fitness class is taught by a certified personal trainer or group fitness instructor to encourage proper technique and help with injury prevention.

Youth Members will be divided into two groups, ages 7 to 10 and 11 to 14 to ensure that the teachings and activities are engaging and appealing to the participants.

What does the Youth Membership Include?

  • Two Days of Classes (Monday and Wednesday)
    • Sports-Specific Movement Techniques
    • Cardiovascular & Body Weight Conditioning
    • Fun, Recreational Games
    • Zumbatomic
  • Two days of Swim Club
  • Two days of Tennis Club - seasonal
  • Build Positive Relationships
  • Develop Teamwork Skills
  • Learn Healthy Habits
  • Discover Hidden Talents
  • Understand Injury Prevention
  • Become & Stay Active

Extracurricular Clubs

Tennis Club - weather/season permitting
Tennis Club will help Youth Members sharpen their skills on the court. The club will meet once a week for each age group. For weather or class cancellation questions, please call Tony Buagas at 409-899-7745.

Swim Club
Swim Club is made for Youth Members who want to improve their skills in the water. The club will meet two times a week. For weather or club cancellation questions, please call Danise McClung at 409-924-6953.

Youth Membership Monthly Fees

Member Rates
If one of the parents of the Youth Member is already a member of the CHRISTUS Health & Wellness Center, the Youth Member will receive a discounted rate.

First Child                           $40 a month
Each Additional Child       $30 a month

The Youth Membership cost can be added on to the parent's monthly membership dues or paid in semi-annual or annual payments.

Each child that is a Youth Member for at least six months before entering the 7th grade will have the enrollment fee waived for moving to a Youth Add-On membership.

Non-Member Rates
For Youth Members who do not have a parent that is already a CHRISTUS Health & Wellness Center member.

First Child                          $50 a month
Each Additional Child      $40 a month