Kids' Club Membership

Because your child's health is as important as your own. 

Becoming a Kids' Club Member
Any youth between 2nd to 6th grade is eligible to become a Kids' Club Member. Each Kids' Club Member will fill out an application and Fitness Screening Questionnaire prior to joining. Upon acceptance, the Kids' Club Member will receive a new membership card and have his/her picture taken for the personal account.

The Kids' Club Difference
The Kids' Club Membership is not a regular Wellness Center membership. Kids' Club Members will be given limited access to the facility through participation in age-specific group fitness classes or extracurricular clubs. Each group fitness class is taught by a certified personal trainer or group fitness instructor to encourage proper technique and help with injury prevention.

Kids' Club Members will be divided into two groups, ages 7 to 10 and 11 to 13 to ensure that the teachings and activities are engaging and appealing to the participants.

What does the Kids' Club Membership Include?

  • Four Days of Classes 
    • Sports-Specific Movement Techniques
    • Cardiovascular & Body Weight Conditioning
    • Fun, Recreational Games
    • Swimming Club
    • Various ball sports
  • Boys and girls locker rooms
  • Free pool pass during the summer
  • Discounts on Kids' Camps, birthday rentals, future HWC membership and other programs
  • Program Evaluation (parent & child)

- Play -
- Have Fun -
- Build Confidence -
- Learn Healthy Habits -
- Discover Hidden Talents -
- Develop Teamwork Skills -
- Build Positive Relationships -
- Understand Injury Prevention -


Extracurricular Clubs

Sports Frenzy - weather/season permitting
Tuesdays and Thursdays 5 PM - 6 PM
Sports Frenzy will help Kids' Club Members gain confidence in tennis, basketball, and soccer while introducing the kids to wallyball, kickball, and raquetball. Sports Frenzy meets meets twice a week.

Dolphin Swim Club
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 PM - 5 PM
Swim Club is made for Kids Club Members who want to improve their stroke, learn life guarding skills, and overall improve their abilities in the water. We'll focus on: backstroke, butteryfly, breaststroke, crawl and beginner life-saving techniques. The club meets twice a week. 

Kid Fit Club / Activity Class
Mondays and Wednesdays 4 PM - 5 PM

Kids Fit includes great games like indoor soccer, floor hockey, tag, dodgeball, capture the flag and more while incorporating youth strength and conditioning components. Your child will also learn about the muscles and the importance of healthy living. This class is guaranteed fun! 

Kids Club Membership Pricing

Member Rates
If one of the parents of the new Kids Club Member is already a member of the CHRISTUS Health & Wellness Center, the Kids Club Member will receive a discounted rate.

First Child                        $40 a month
Each Additional Child       $30 a month

The Kids Club Membership cost can be added on to the parent's monthly membership dues or paid in semi-annual or annual payments.

Each child that is a Kids Club Member for at least six months before entering the 7th grade will have the enrollment fee waived for moving to a Kids Club Add-On membership.

Non-Member Rates
For Youth Members who do not have a parent that is already a CHRISTUS Health & Wellness Center member.

First Child                       $50 a month
Each Additional Child      $40 a month

Youth Add-on

A Youth Add-On is a child currently in the seventh or eighth grade that is added to his/her parent's account.  A Youth Add-On can go on the fitness floor, to group fitness classes or in the indoor pool or gymnasium and racquetball courts, so long as he/she is accompanied by a parent at all times. The parent must be in the same area as the Youth Add-On. The Youth Add-On is not permitted in the locker rooms.

Once the Youth Add-On reaches the age of 15 or enters the ninth grade, he/she can use the facility on his/her own. See membership for pricing.