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PREMIER AT HWC "The club, within a club"

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Are you looking for that next level fitness experience? If so, let us introduce you to The PREMIER Membership only at CHRISTUS HWC. 

PREMIER offers much more than a General HWC Membership. You get everything we have to offer, and we mean everything.

In addition to access to the entire 82,000-square-foot facility, more than 75 group fitness classes, indoor and outdoor pools and tracks, indoor basketball gym, PREMIER members receive exclusive perks!

Torque Circuit Training, Reformer Pilates classes, TRX training, a personal overnight locker, plush white cotton towel service. 

The locker will be yours and only yours. It even comes with a Premier badge. Lockers are first come, first serve so choose yours today.

Track your progress and all your workouts with a free MYZONE belt and free MYZONE membership.

Premier, is not just a membership, it is your elite pass to a fitness solution.

Also, if you're Premier and you refer another Premier member, we'll give you a free month!

Premier at CHRISTUS HWC, is the best fitness experience in Southeast Texas. Premier, is not just a membership, it is your elite pass to a fitness solution. With small-group training, reformer pilates, TRX, personal locker, white towel service and more, it's the truly the club, within a club that is not to be missed.


Premier Membership Exclusive Benefits / $135 per person per month

  • Everything a General Membership Offers $59 value / month

  • No Enrollment Fee $200 value

  • Private locker (up to two for a family membership). Store your gear overnight.

  • Premier-only, white towel service. An extra-large bath towel, upgraded with 100% ring spun cotton loops.

  • Unlimited Scheduled Reformer Pilates Classes

  • Unlimited Scheduled Small Group Training

  • Unlimited Scheduled TRX Classes

  • MYZONE Heart-monitor Belt & Membership

  • Expedited Orientation & InBody Assessment with Master Trainer $20 value



Alpha Training Torque Built around full-body primal movements, this hardcore workout drives strength gains and develops skills in a heavy-hitting
environment. Group Training Studio

Athletic Pilates Enhance strength and coordination with focus on developing a specific pose or principle each month. Pilates Studio

Classic Pilates Practice the classical exercises in a series designed to make you feel long and lean. * Limited to 3 per class * Pilates Studio

Combat Training Torque Hit the whole body with boxing and martial arts movements for explosiveness, strength, and self-confidence. Group Training Studio
Core Conditioning Torque
Plyometric drills mixed with intervals of strength, power, and resistance focused on core strength Group Training Studio

Functional TRX Incorporate bells, balls, bands, battle ropes, and more into your traditional TRX workout. Gym

H.E.A.T.  (High Energy Advanced Training) Combine high intensity interval training with muscle conditioning. Gym

Pilates Improve strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and core stability through flow, precision and total body integration Pilates Studio

Rumble Focus on using a variety of equipment to incorporate old school strength training in new ways so that you can build strength, add lean muscle, 
and trim body fat Group Training Studio

Torque Use innovative tools to develop strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness through a variety of drills and circuits. Group Training Studio

Torque Cycle Boost your calorie burn by adding in intervals on the bike. Group Training Studio

TRX A scalable, fast, fun, and effective total-body suspension workout. Gym

TRX Grind
 Bodyweight-based exercise with elements of instability paired with explosive movements, this high energy workout will demand core strength and endurance as you blast through fat and glycogen for maximum impact. Gym

TRX Strength Power through multiple sets of high tension loads in this time-based workout that features intermediate to advanced strength exercises. Gym

** Consider form-fitting bottoms for Pilates **

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Premier Plus Membership Exclusive Benefits / $165 per person per month

  • Everything in the Premier Membership

  • TRIBE Team Training Each Season

  • Monthly BOGA

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