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Are you looking for that next level fitness experience? If so, let us introduce you to The PREMIER Membership only at CHRISTUS HWC. 

PREMIER offers much more than a General HWC Membership. You’ll received everything we have to offer!

In addition to access to the entire 95,000-square-foot facility, more than 75 group fitness classes, indoor and outdoor pools and tracks, indoor basketball gym, PREMIER members receive exclusive perks!

PREMIER-EXCLUSIVE SMALL GROUP TRAINING, Reformer Pilates classes, TRX training, a personal overnight locker, plush white cotton towel service. The expanded and updated Premier Studio is your exclusive studio, a studio just for Premier Members, with equipment that cannot be found elsewhere at HWC!

The locker will be yours and only yours. It even comes with a Premier badge. Lockers are first come, first serve so choose yours today.

Track your progress and all your workouts with a free MYZONE belt and free MYZONE membership.



PREMIER AT HWC "The club, within a club"

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Premier Plus Membership Exclusive Benefits / $165 per person per month

  • Everything in the Premier Membership (see below)

  • TRIBE Team Training Each Season

  • Monthly BOGA

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Premier, is not just a membership, it is your elite pass to a fitness solution.

Also, if you're Premier and you refer another Premier member, we'll give you a free month!

Premier at CHRISTUS HWC, is the best fitness experience in Southeast Texas. Premier, is not just a membership, it is your elite pass to a fitness solution. With small-group training, reformer pilates, TRX, personal locker, white towel service and more, it's the truly the club, within a club that is not to be missed.


Premier Membership Exclusive Benefits / $135 per person per month

  • Everything a General Membership Offers $59 value / month

  • No Enrollment Fee $200 value

  • Private locker (up to two for a family membership). Store your gear overnight.

  • Premier-only, white towel service. An extra-large bath towel, upgraded with 100% ring spun cotton loops.

  • Unlimited Scheduled Reformer Pilates Classes

  • Unlimited Scheduled Small Group Training

  • Unlimited Scheduled TRX Classes

  • MYZONE Heart-monitor Belt & Membership

  • Expedited Orientation & InBody Assessment with a certified Trainer $20 value


Each Premier class will always have a warm up which we call our “Prep work” and a cool down which we refer to as our “Recovery”.  The time duration of each class only shows the length of the workout duration since these classes are geared to maximize your time with short rest breaks.  No class will ever go over a 50min workout duration. 

Athletic Pilates
Enhance strength and coordination with focus on developing a specific pose or principle each month. Pilates Studio

Back to Basics
This course is designed to educate our members on the 5 basic movements (squat, hinge, push, pull and rotate) and highlight the function of high rep, low weight sets compared to low rep high weight sets and outcomes.

Workout Duration: 35 min
Exercise Type: Low to high intensity with fundamental primal movement patterns
Avg Calorie Burn 350
Results: Improved form and technique, increase strength, and range of motion

Box N Burn
Box 'N Burn is an intense class of boxing technique mixed with strength & conditioning, agility, plyometrics and much more!

Workout Duration 45 minutes
Exercise Type Moderate to high Intensity
Avg Calorie Burn: 500 calories
Results:  Increased speed and strength, improved hand-eye coordination, learn self-defense techniques.

Classic Pilates
Practice the classical exercises in a series designed to make you feel long and lean. * Limited to 3 per class * Pilates Studio

CORE 360
Most people associate their core with just their midsection, however the core is a complex series of muscles extending far beyond your abs, such as: traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats. CORE 360 will target your entire core, not just the midsection.

Workout Duration: 50 minutes
Exercise Type: Moderate to High intensity, multi-planar movements
Avg Calorie Burn: 550
Results: Improved core strength and stability

Core Conditioning
Walk taller, feel stronger! This class is designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture through performing a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles and increase flexibility. The instructor may include a variety of equipment in this great workout.

Workout duration:  45 minutes
Exercise type: Great for all levels
Avg calorie burn 400
Results: Improved posture and core strength. 

H.E.A.T.  (High Energy Athletic Training)
H.E.A.T is designed to improve explosive power, coordination and reaction skills. It consists of strength training, sports drills, and agility exercises that consist of short, repetitive circuits.

Workout Duration:  45 minutes
Exercise type: High intensity
Avg calorie burn: 550 calories
Results:  Improved explosive power, coordination, and reaction skills

This class incorporates TRX strength with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s a cardio-intensive class that incorporates plyometric drills with intervals of TRX power, resistance and core training.

Workout Duration: 45 minutes
Exercise type:  High intensity interval training
Avg Calorie Burn: 600
Results: Improve power and strength, increase lactic threshold, improved heart rate recovery, and improve muscular endurance.

Metabolic MYZONE Conditioning 
Metabolic Conditioning involves short, fast-paced interval training, aimed at increasing your metabolism and cardiovascular capacity. MMC involves a combination of body resistance training with high-paced cardio training making for a full cardio and weight training workout at high intensity, hitting every area of the body.  MYZONE measures the effort so there’s no excuse for not giving it your all. 

Workout Duration: 50 minutes
Exercise type: High Intensity Intervals, Heart rate based training and recovery
Avg Calorie Burn: 525
Results:  Improved Metabolism and Cardiovacular Capacity, Increased speed and endurance,

Zone Match is a color driven workout regimen where users aim to match the target color to their own MYZONE Effort Tile.  Zone Match motivates and challenges you to achieve set zones within your workout.  True heart rate based training using the technology of MYZONE belt (FREE with PREMIER / $150 value). 

Workout Duration: 45 minutes
Exercise Type:  Moderate-High Intensity, Heart rate-based training
Avg Calorie Burn 475
Results: Improved cardiovascular fitness, improved strength,

Improve strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and core stability through flow, precision and total body integration Pilates Studio

Focus on using a variety of equipment to incorporate old school strength training in new ways so that you can build strength, add lean muscle, 
and trim body fat Group Training Studio

Saved By The Bell
A course dedicated to the proper use of barbells, kettle bells, and dumbbells. We will focus on full range of motion exercises, load bearing exercises and load focused cardio exercises during these sessions

Duration: 45 minutes
Exercise type: Strength and power focus
Calorie Burn: 350-500
Results: Improve strength and power

Strictly Strength
Utilizing strength training, functional, and multi-muscle based movements, this class will strengthen and tone your entire body as you use various types of exercises and equipment including body weight, plyometrics, kettlebells, TRX, BOSU®, and stability balls just to name a few. Great class for beginners and advance alike!

Workout Duration: 45 minutes
Exercise type: Strength focus
Calorie Burn: 400-500
Results: Improve Strength and muscular endurance

TBC (Total Body Conditioning)
In Total Body Conditioning class, you utilize light, medium and heavy weights that will tone your figure, boost flexibility and give your muscles the size and definition you’ve always wanted. The workout itself is a combination of athletic intervals that utilize weight variety to keep your heart rate high and your body in motion. This class is great for all fitness levels and for anyone who wants the ideal holistic workout.

Workout duration 35 minutes
Exercise Type:  Moderate-High intensity, Full body integrated movements 
Avg Calorie Burn:  415
Results: Total body strength and symmetry, improved muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

Workout duration 45 minutes
Exercise type:  Great for all levels
Avg Calorie burn: 450 calories
Results: Increased strength, balance, flexibility and core

TRX Fusion
This class incorporates numerous TRX suspension exercises along with body weight, free weights, and battle rope exercises to develop strength and endurance as well as improve balance, and core strength.

Workout Duration:  45 minutes
Exercise Type: Strength and Endurance Focus
Calorie Burn: 600
Results: Increased total body strength, improved core stability and endurance

TRX Sticks + Straps
This workout includes challenging total-body strength circuits using the TRX straps mixed with TRX stick intervals in both aerobic and anaerobic training zones. Guaranteed to challenge your strength, stretch your endurance and make you sweat.

Workout Duration: 45 minutes
Exercise Type: Great for all levels, mix of low and high intensity.
Avg Calorie Burn: 450 calories
Results:  Improved core strength, coordination, balance, and stability.

** Consider form-fitting bottoms for Pilates **